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White City Walls 3D Printable STLs

White City Walls 3D Printable STLs

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This pack of STL's includes everything you need to print your own set of White City Walls to defend the world of men!

All optimized to fit on the build plate of an Ender 3 or bigger, with the exception of the gates of the city themselves which are better done on a SLA printer, these files do not require supports, and print well at the .2mm layer height.

Included is

The White City Gate
White City Trebuchet Tower
White City Bastion (Large Tower)
Straight Wall Section
Straight Wall Section with Rampart
Wall Wedge (To Curve the Walls)
And a Stairs Section

Because of the limit on Etsy File sizes you will receive a text document with a link to download the files.

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